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Front Line Demonstration 2020-21 & 2021-22

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1. Demonstration of onion variety in Wayanad district

2. Demonstration of wilt resistant tomato variety Manuprabha with in homesteads

3. Demonstration of strawberry cultivation in Wayanad

4. Rejuvenation of arecanut palms by soil test based nutrient management

5. Demonstration of short duration heat tolerant cowpea variety PGCP 6 for drought prone rice fallows

6. Demonstration of high yielding short duration rice variety Manuratna for puncha season in Wayanad

7. Demonstration of biocontrol agents for the management of sucking pests in cowpea

8. Demonstration of management of leaf spot disease in banana by application of Pseudomonas fluorescence

9. Demonstration of Value Addition of Mushroom

10. Demonstration on wilt resistant tomato variety Manuprabha

11. Demonstration of Sampoorna KAU multimix spray using UAV

12. Demonstration of social media platforms for agricultural marketing of fruits and vegetables

13. Demonstration of Biosecurity measures in small scale farms for disease prevention

14. Demonstration of Fodder Cowpea variety CO9 for improving the nutrient composition of the ration

15. Demonstration of estrus synchronization in goats

16. Rhizome rot management in ginger with PGPR capsules


1. Demonstration of agricultural technologies for urban homesteads in Wayanad

2. Demonstration of drone technology in rice

3. Demonstration of ridges and furrow method of planting in carrot cultivation

4. Popularization of broccoli (Pusa Broccoli KS-1) in Wayanad district

5. Demonstration of inter cropping of cluster bean (Suruchi) with banana

6. Demonstration of water melon Swarna and Shonima (seedless watermelon)

7. Demonstration of different pre mix herbicide (Vivaya) formulations for broad spectrum weed control in rice

8. Demonstration of finger millet variety ATL-1 in summer rice fallows

9. Demonstration of drought resistant fodder crops in homesteads

10. Integrated management of bud rot in coconut

11. Integrated Pest Management in Banana for the management of pseudo stem weevil

12. Demonstration of coleus skin peeler

13. Demonstration of fodder oats and fodder cowpea for improving the nutrient composition of the       ration

14. Demonstration of integrated farming system for enhancing income

15. Demonstration of integrated control methods to prevent wild animal attacks on crops


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Krishi Vigyan Kendra
Kerala Agricultural University
Ambalavayal P.O
Wayanad Kerala 673593