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Demonstration Units

1. Herbal garden of KVK Wayanad with more than fifty rare medicinal plants was established in the month of November 2015

2. In order to popularize recycling technologies, along with in vermicomposting, a demonstration unit of microbial composting using PGPR mix, Pleurotus etc. has been started. It helps in effective management of farm wastes in cultivation practices of this Kendra

3. The novel technology – the demonstration technique of vertical farming with automatic irrigation system is displayed in front of KVK. The vertical garden is containing ornamental plants at present

4. Poultry unit- One day old chicks (Kalinga Brown, Kaveri and Aseel) are procured from KVK Peruvannamuzhy and are reared for thirty days. During the period they are vaccinated and dewormed as per the schedule and later made available for the farmers. So far, we have distributed 6080 chicks to the farmers from our unit.

5. Goat rearing Unit

6. Apiculture unit - KVK Wayanad had introduced an apiculture unit in the farm as a result of various trainings conducted on Bee keeping. Currently KVK Wayanad have 28 boxes of bee hives which is well maintained by SHG groups of the station.

7. Biofloc fish farming unit- KVK Wayanad is having a Biofloc fish farming system installed as a part of World fish project funded by ICAR-CIFT. Biofloc system is a wastewater treatment which has gained vital importance as an approach in aquaculture. The principle of the technique is to maintain the higher C-N ratio by adding carbohydrate source and the water quality is improved through the production of high quality single cell microbial protein. In such condition, heterotrophic microbial growth occurs which assimilates the nitrogenous waste that can be exploited by the cultured species as a feed for the fish and also works as bioreactor controlling of water quality. Immobilization of toxic nitrogen species occurs more rapidly in biofloc because of the growth rate and microbial production per unit substrate of heterotrophs are ten-times greater than that of the autotrophic nitrifying bacteria. This technology is based on the principle of flocculation within the system

8. Natural pond- KVK Wayanad is having a natural pond which is used for irrigation purposes and fish farming.

9. Hydroponics unit of KVK Wayanad- KVK Wayanad is having an active hydroponics unit. Hydroponics is the technique of growing plants using a water-based nutrient solution rather than soil, and can include an aggregate substrate, or growing media, such as vermiculite, coconut coir, or perlite.

10 Azolla unit- KVK Wayanad is having an azolla unit. Azolla (Azolla sp.) is an aquatic fern consisting of a short, branched, floating stem, bearing roots which hang down in the water. The leaves are alternately arranged, each consisting of thick aerial dorsal lobe containing green chlorophyll and a slightly larger thin, colourless, floating ventral lobe which is mainly used as feed for poultry and for ruminant animals. It is also used as manure for plants.

11. Wick irrigation unit- KVK Wayanad have a wick irrigation unit. Wick irrigation involves using “ropes as wicks to supply water to plant roots below the soil surface and thus minimize evaporation.” The water inside a pot or raised water container can be transferred to the soil by a rope wick (often inside a plastic tube to prevent evaporation). The concept is similar to a kerosene lantern with a wick, which keeps drawing fuel up the wick when the lantern is lit. Initially, water moves through the wick by capillary action. Later, water is continually pulled through the wick to replace water taken up by plants’ roots. Advantages of wick irrigation are many: 1) water consumption is reduced since evaporation is all but eliminated; 2) less time is needed for refilling containers; 3) there may be fewer problems with salt build-up, since the water will not evaporate at the surface and leave behind salt



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